Wednesday, 1 August 2012

When it is your turn

As clocks are wound and sundials are adjusted
As calendars are reviewed and days are crossed
As circles battle straight lines
I wish I am a boomerang
And not a satellite.
Happy to bounce back
Than be permanently set into orbit.

I have been away for months together and apologise to anyone who might, shockingly, still be keeping a tab on this space. I am done with a part of my life (I graduated, whoa!) that I shared with this blog. However, I shall try to keep alive this blog. I have also added hyperlinks to two wonderful songs, completely unrelated to the post but certainly worth a listen- Steven Strait's Boomerang and Guster's Satellite. Do listen to them!


nefariousx said...

It was a sweet poem, with a hint of lament. good job.

Aya Tong Wilson said...

fun verse.

Elizena said...

This was fun to read and I also want to be a boomerang, so that no matter where I get thrown, I always come back home.

Please keep on writing. May your weekend be wonderfully blessed! :-)