Monday, 30 March 2009


Atoms apocalyptic,
Brewing in laboratories
'Dropped' by a bird
And we flew.
Flew in the water,
Water of oblivion
Of shades flourescent
From destitute drains
And fungal delicacies
With rhino melodies.
As fire,
Hungry old fire
Chased us
With a diabolic glint
And angelic purpose.
Eyes digested memories
Images fleeting.
As space ballooned
Time stopped for a swig
And we flew,
A thousand splinters
Of existential consequence
Through realms unbelievable
And colours psychedelic
Through Concordian booms
And eucalyptus noses
Red chili tongues
And skins burnt by
'An Inconvenient Truth'.
And we flew.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


The wood doesn't want to be burnt.
The matchstick strikes
Fire embraces the unwilling wood.
Smoke Smoke Smoke,
The chimney- victim of the wood's ire
Gray skies, polluted lungs.
Cough Cough Cough.
The war continues,
Burn Burn Burn,
The fire eats the defiant wood,
Victorious fire, defeated wood,
Eyes reflect the crackling fire,
Hands comforted by hot 'martyred' wood,
But the wood did not want to burn,
Enter Fire, exit wood,
And there was,
Ash Ash Ash.
The wood did not want to burn.

The refrain is inspired by Modest Mouse.