Wednesday, 1 August 2012

When it is your turn

As clocks are wound and sundials are adjusted
As calendars are reviewed and days are crossed
As circles battle straight lines
I wish I am a boomerang
And not a satellite.
Happy to bounce back
Than be permanently set into orbit.

I have been away for months together and apologise to anyone who might, shockingly, still be keeping a tab on this space. I am done with a part of my life (I graduated, whoa!) that I shared with this blog. However, I shall try to keep alive this blog. I have also added hyperlinks to two wonderful songs, completely unrelated to the post but certainly worth a listen- Steven Strait's Boomerang and Guster's Satellite. Do listen to them!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reverse Gear Speed Breaker

No matter what they say,
There is no 'back to square one',
There is no 'turning back the time machine'
Or stitches that don't show and
Scars that vanish (unless you use this*, I am told).
How else would one have
Created something called a
Jigsaw puzzle?

Here's to the New Year.

* Of course you are free to use an alternative.