Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reverse Gear Speed Breaker

No matter what they say,
There is no 'back to square one',
There is no 'turning back the time machine'
Or stitches that don't show and
Scars that vanish (unless you use this*, I am told).
How else would one have
Created something called a
Jigsaw puzzle?

Here's to the New Year.

* Of course you are free to use an alternative.


SHIVRAJ 'arbit' said...

what is the picture about?

Uttara said...

The picture is an arc intercepted by a crack in the tile. Geddit?

SHIVRAJ 'arbit' said...

not sure if i did.... but reminds of a couplet by Rahim. about how broken threads cannot be tied back.

Uttara said...

I don't remember many of my Rahim Dohas, but now that you mentioned it, it does ring a bell.
Well, subconscious tribute him I guess

Anonymous said...

If only there were!!! Great contribution to the rally!

Taylor Boomer said...

love the first two lines,

masterful delivery.

PPP said...

I understand time cannot be rolled back...but why jigsaw puzzle?

Uttara said...

Dear poetryroad and Taylor,
Thanks a bunch.

Dear PPP,
A jigsaw puzzle could have once been a complete, unbroken portrait? And if you could reverse time, then such things would never happen, would they?

PPP said...

:) hmmm...somehow, in my imagination, a jigsaw puzzle is always broken (pieces), but something that falls into place as time goes..never thought of it as complete at it's start like you said..probably why I didn't get it.


hmm, scars don't vanish but give birth to something new? product being permutations and combinations that never end?

Uttara said...

I wasn't thinking of scars as 'producing' something new, but as things that stay. A somewhat 'what has happened has happened' feeling? =)

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