Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Bazaar

They sell shampoo bars
longer than relationships
You buy bargained promises
heavier than guilt
They sell knowledge
shallower than convexity
You buy enlightenment
darker than sunglasses
They sell conversations
warmer than hunger
You buy solitude
deeper than mines
They sell thoughts
emptier than brains
You buy airtickets
greener than inexperience

You sell mattresses
smaller than their dreams
They buy trends
hotter than red
You sell health
paler than porcelain
They buy bottled water
colder than your neighbours
You sell ideas
sharper than their tongues
They buy flattery
larger than your appetite
You sell expectations
taller than pint glasses (or shards)
They buy debts
deeper than sleep

What is the point, you ask
they say,
it is not a point
it is a black hole.

'Inspired' by e e cummings'  'may i feel said he', sort of. Listen to this.