Friday, 5 June 2009

If You See Kay

If you see Kay,
Your mother would probably
Ground you.

If you see Kay,
In the Dictionary,
You are enlightened
About certain life skills.

If you see Kay,
On the television,
You can only hear him beep.

If you see Kay,
Quite a lot,
You are probably drunk
Or very angry
Or both.

If you see Kay,
Tell him
His name featured
In the newspaper,
In the Obituary Column.


Bakarbaaz said...

I laaau you my luurve!!
You just made my day!!! Havent laughed aloud in a while now:D :D

Ove you oats and oats!!
<3 <3

Bakarbaaz said...

Btw.. dont think you know too much of life skills do you dahls?? :P :P

Felicity said...

You really are the devil, you know. :P
Very punny. :)

Arun Chaganty said...

Smoooth... Me likey