Saturday, 13 December 2008


Cholera rages through their stomachs.
Bullets fill their mistaken identities.
Bombs eat up restaurants.
Hotels and trains become graveyards.
Pink slips run over ambitions.
Countries argue over phone calls.
Atoms destroy civilizations.
Childhood stolen
Red carpets trampled
Judgments pronounced
before seeking evidence.
Nature abused.
Legality threatened.
Ethics re-written.
Dreams become nightmares.
Hopes made hopeless.


nerdyberdy said...

Don't be so pessimistic. There is still plenty good in this world- like how much we all love you. Cheer up. =)

Bakarbaaz said...

What is with all the seriousness?? I miss my crazy whacky munks!!!

Uttara said...

I am nineteen now. Though I was eighteen when I wrote this post.
But on a serious note, I have decided to get serious and am seriously contemplating changing the name of my blog to a serious one.

Bakarbaaz said...

I seriously get how serious you are!!!

Joshua Soans said...

"Atoms destroy civilizations". nicely put, that