Saturday, 13 March 2010

How is your life today?*

It isn't about
You being right
Or me being wrong.
Neither is it about
Who started it first.
It is about
Toothless grins
In the park,
In the times of
Diabetes and senility.

* Title inspired by a certain song by the same name from Porcupine Tree's Lightbulb Sun Album. I would recommend that you listen to it. 
Obviously, I am hardly the appropriate person to be writing love poems.


SHIVRAJ 'arbit' said...

nice one...coming after such a loong break :).

i guess it is about getting old together?

Felicity said...

je like. muchos.

Bakarbaaz said...

Hmmmm... Well I wish I could sit in the park in peace!

Arun Chaganty said...

And hi-fives! (If you can still move your hands at that point in time, that is)

Uttara said...

@ Arbit,
Thanks :)
That wasn't exactly my interpretation.

@ LeAmmumol,
Merci beaucoup mademoiselle :)

@ Kobster,
Watching Gilmore Girls? :D

@ The Incredible Schlunkerboo,
Double Hi-fives! Don't worry. We'll build a machine :)

thebittencookie said...

hey i really like that poem !...
and Bakarbaaz can never sit quietly anywhere, cos she would be making too much noise herself.

Uttara said...

@ Nickerbocker,
Haha. True.