Friday, 30 November 2007

By The Wave

The beautiful white foam
And the mystic blue depths,
Never fail to enchant,
A single sentient soul.

The mystic blue ocean,
Those unfathomable depths,
Speak of great stories
That have enriched creation.

The rebellious white waves,
Young and ambitious,
Stretch out from the ocean,
To try and make a change.

The ocean beckons you
To learn from experiences.
The waves reach for you
To create new ones...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Pair of Hands

As I opened my eyes,
Filled with curiosity,
A pair of hands
And welcomed me.

As I struggled to proceed,
Filled with trepidation,
The pair of hands
And supported me.

As I made all those mistakes,
Filled with arrogance,
The pair of hands
And warned me.

As I hung my head,
Filled with shame,
The pair of hands
Wiped my tears
And consoled me.

As I sleep,
Filled with contentment and completion,
The pair of hands
Bless me
And will always continue to...